From the Diary of A Brigadier……..

” After finishing my Passing Out Parade at N.D.A, I was a Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant who have a lot of enthusiasm and responsibility (But no Authority). We felt like we were at top of of the world ……….We here is used for a group “The Nightwalkers” including Me, Col. Sandhu (Rocky), Col. Parashar (Jimmy), Brig. Tyagi (Jolly), Brig.Singh ( Biggy) (All 2nd. Lt. then).

Oh! by the way I came up with an idea of writing this because few days ago when I visited my Son, many of his course mates addressed him “Biggy” I don’t know why this name only …….but it recalled me of “The Nightwalkers”. I still remember the lines written by me before the day we were about to depart for our Designated units. It was…..

Whatever whether it’s cold or hot,

we watch your back you like or not

We might choose to live like rests,

but we are here coz we were best of bests

Beautiful Kids and a gorgeous Wife,

that’s what we expect of life,

Brothers in arms mean everything to us,

we are in hurry but not in rush,

Ultimate aim is Happiness of faces,

no matter how many bullets we faces,

Survival of odds is my compulsion,

as many lives are based on my propulsion,

I am here on duty just to watch,

you fulfil your dreams of Lamborghini and Scotch,

Our work is hard thus less time to feed,

you have party with smoke and weed,

We barely get time to be on our feet,

you cry out loud for a stained bed sheet,

You cry a lot for terrorist’s human rights,

and no one bothers what we lose in fights,

We like Black & White nothing in brown,

as we aim quite high with heads bowed down

People get dizzy by drinking at bars,

we play cool even at fire of mortars,

Headaches in changing baby diapers?

What if you knew you are at shot of Sniper?

We don’t have time for Rose, Megan,

Emily, Soldiers on side are our only family,

Our goals and targets gives us wings,

after winning battle we are king of kings,

Under every situation we moves forward,

No one ever dare calling us coward,

Minus or plus whatever temperature,

I’ll remain stood even you make my caricature,

Only one thing any soldier ever wanted,

Respect our cause and don’t take it for granted.

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