Main Sanjay Bol Raha hu – Anasuya Mitra

It was a normal day. Since morning there was nothing special in my life. I was busy in my office work sitting in front of my computer. Suddenly my phone rang showing an unknown number on the screen. I ignored the call as I was sure that the call is from the service provider. The phone rang again showing the same number. I picked up the phone and the caller told me “Namaskar, Main Sanjay bol raha hoon”(I am Sanjay speaking). I was almost sure that it was a call either for my aqua guard servicing or a channel package offer from the disk service provider. So there was a very casual reply from me “haan ji boliye” (Yes tell me what do you want?). The caller then said “Main Sanjay Kumar bol raha hoon……” I could not believe my ears, I could not believe my luck. It was a call from “the” Sanjay Kumar!!!! One of the 21 person since independence who achieved the highest gallantry award, one of the seven brave hearts who received the award by their own hands, he is one of the three persons of the nation seeing whom the President of india would also stand up to greet. I just shouted “Sanjay dada yeh aap hain?!!!” (Sanjay dada is it you?) Dada smiled and answered “Ji Madam”. We talked for next 7 to 10 minutes. He conveyed his warm wishes for all of us.

Infact, few days back, on the occasion of bhai duj, we the sisters of Desh sent our wishes for the brothers who are guarding us and are staying miles away from their families and home. As it was not possible to cater to all the soldiers, so it was decided to send sweets to the unit of Sanjay dada. Due to his busy schedule and various duties he got the sweets on 5th of Nov and distributed among all his compatriots and then called me.

Surely it was a great opportunity to receive a call from a warrior who received the highest gallantry award for his exemplary display of courage and valour in Kargil war. It’s really a special day and special Bhai Duj for me and all the sisters of the DESH….


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