A balanced day looks like below –

I am listening to some music and finishing my office work so that I can go home and play with my daughter. My husband will also reach home soon. Then three of us will play, laugh and cuddle. If my daughter gets hurt, my heart bleeds though I try to show my brave face. Daily after waking up in the morning and before going to bed, I call my parents and talk to them. I ensure that they are fine and tell them that we are fine too.

What will happen if this balance of my life gets disturbed untimely? I can’t proceed further after writing this line. My thought stopped. Touchwood.

But I know Hema aunty while waiting for 40 long days to receive his son wrapped in tricolor had to visit the airport so many times to check if the coffin that arrived that day has his son inside it or not. And on her son’s 40th birthday, she sat alone with his son’s photo and some sweet that she prepared.

I have also seen the face of a very sweet and innocent girl of 18months age, just like my daughter, wondering what is happening around her. She was too young to know that it was her father’s funeral. She was too young to know the pride of gun salute that her father received and being wrapped in the tri-colour. She only can feel the emptiness of not being able to play with her dad, not being cuddled by her dad.

I have also heard the story of a parent whose son was with them on their marriage anniversary. Few days after their anniversary their son came back in a coffin with a thick layer of sandalwood covering his face. Few days back cake was covering the face. But this time, why it is sandalwood? Because terrorists fired 7 to 10 bullets inside his mouth. When the rescue team reached him, still 3-4 bullets were there inside his mouth.

I have also heard the story of a parent who while going to see a girl for their son got the news that their son got killed while protecting our nation.

Do you think that the lives of these parents, daughters and wives will ever be same again? Do you think it is easy to deal with this? Don’t you agree that these losses, these deaths are so untimely? Do you think they are mere DEAD people?

NO, NO AND A BIG NO. They are our bravest of the braves, they are our super heroes, our most respected martyrs, shaheeds. From the hand that is rock steady while firing bullets to the enemies, comes out beautiful philosophies of lives also! They write

Put yourself on their shoes. You will not be able to think further. Life goes on, I know. But it’s painful to live such a life. Painful for those whom these brave men leaves behind. As they took the responsibility of our safety, aren’t these families of these martyrs our responsibilities? Tonight before going for a safe sleep, just give it a thought

War Memorial in Fort William, Kolkata – West Bengal

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