“Mission Accomplished” before he stopped – Anasuya Mitra

This brave son of India was from Pathankot, Punjab. He was born on February1,1978 at Namkum, in the house Capt. Janmej Singh(Rtd.) & Mrs.Pushplata. Triveni was trained in martial arts. He cleared his examination for IMA, Dehradun and he was commissioned in the army on December 3, 2001. After commissioning he joined the 5 JAKLI reputaded for its bravary & decoration in the Indian Army. Within his short work-life he lead more than six successful operation as an young officer.

On the evening of January 02, 2004 Lt. Triveni Singh found out about the fidayeen. Lt. Triveni Singh rushed to the Jammu railway station with five commandos. In a swift action he killed the first militant and followed the other who was firing from the overhead rail bridge. Lt.Triveni Singh knew that the hidden militant was equipped with lethal weapons and could kill over 300 passengers who were in the parcel room. To save the innocent people, he grabbed the miilitant and injured him self fatally. His body was found 6 inches away from the last terrorist that he killed.

Captain Singh(Father of Lt Triveni SIngh) was surfing channels on television when reports of a terrorist attack on the Jammu railway station were aired. The station was filled with hundreds of people and security personnel. Janmej Singh continued to watch television channel Aaj Tak’s report on the operation undertaken first by the police and then by the paramilitary forces to take out the two, heavily-armed Lashkar-e-Tayiba terrorists.

“After a while, I noticed a headline scrolling at the bottom of the screen,” he recalls. It said an army officer had been killed in the operation. “Then they put out a flash naming the officer; it was my son, Lieutenant Triveni Singh.”

Captain Singh immediately called his son’s unit, the 5 Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry. “The officer at the other end said Triveni was all right. But I insisted on speaking to his superior. The media does not lie, I said,” he recalls. When he was told the unit’s superior officers were at the railway station, Captain Singh immediately decided to leave for Jammu. As January 3 quietly slipped in, the family reached Jammu, their minds filled with uncertainty. When they met Triveni Singh’s unit, they were told of how their son’s heroism had saved many lives. Then, they saw their only son’s body.

He was adjutant of his unit and was in the room adjoining the commanding officer’s office when information about the terrorist attack came in. The commanding officer asked Triveni to alert the officers and the soldiers on duty at the barracks to move to the Jammu railway station. Triveni believed this would delay the operation. He suggested, instead, that he be allowed to lead the Quick Reaction Team to tackle the terrorists.

As the team neared the railway station, Triveni was told the terrorists were firing indiscriminately. Seven lives — including that a policeman, two BSF jawans, one railway policeman and two civilians — had already been lost. Several others were injured.

In order to save time, he asked his driver to race the jeep across the railway tracks towards the captive station. Triveni, who was leading his men from the front, succeeding in eliminating the first terrorist. He targeted the second one, who lobbed a grenade at him. According to army records, Triveni shot dead the second terrorist despite sustaining serious injuries in the grenade attack. The young officer then reported to the general officer commanding his division. “Mission accomplished,” he said, before collapsing.

“Let every mother give birth to children like Triveni who refuse to abandon their guns and run away from the battlefield even if their decision costs them their life,” says his proud mother, even as the tears well in her eyes.
The nation expressed her gratitude to her brave heart by awarding him with the Asoke Chakra, the highest gallantry award. Captain Janmej Singh received the award on behalf of his son.Lt. Triveni Singh

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