PAIN OR PRIDE! – Adrija Sen

(Dedicated to all the families who received the gallantry award on behalf of their brave son/husband/father)

Again that time of the year has come. That time to decorate our brave sons of this land of warriors with gallantry awards. Few will only be lucky enough to receive it by themselves. Most of them will cherish the moment from up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky. On behalf of them, their family will receive the award.
0n 26th January, a mother or a father or a wife or a daughter or a son will receive the gallantry award that their son or husband or father got for fighting bravely to protect the motherland. Most of our brave men who get commissioned in Indian Army, join with a dream. The dream is not to receive the gallantry award but to serve and protect their motherland even with the last drop of their blood. Those who attain martyrdom, leave behind them a baby or an unborn child or a pregnant wife or old parents, loving brother or sister. These families of the martyrs live rest of their lives with a vacuum that can never be filled, a pain that can never be soothed. But if you ever meet them, you will always see an amazing composure they carry with a beautiful dignity!
You will see them receiving the gallantry award from President on 26th January Republic day parade and will surely mistake their pain with pride. For us, who will watch them through television or from the parade ground will think “oh, such a moment of pride!” But trust me, while receiving the award, a parent or a wife or a child will be only thinking “I wish, instead my son/husband/father was here”. The day of their passing out parade was a moment of pride but not this.
But what gives them the strength to climb those stairs, stand straight and receive the gallantry award from the President of India? Not us, though it should have been us, for whom they lost their beloved. The actual receiver of the award, their brave son/husband/father gives them that strength to hold them strong! If you look closely, you will find them holding the hand of their parents firmly while they climb the stairs, you will find them clutching the shoulder of their wives with their rock steady hand when she takes the medal.
Let us take the baton of love, care and responsibility from their hand. Let us protect, care for and love the families whom they have left behind, for the sake of our happiness and comfort. Isn’t it the least we can do as a proud citizen of this great country?

Ashoka Chakra Award
Wife of Col Vasantha Venugopal
Wife of Naik Neeraj Kumar Singh
Major Mukund_1
Wife of Major Mukund Varadarajan
Father of Captain Manoj Kumar Pandey
Grand mother of Captain Vijayant Thapar
Col Jojan Thomas
Wife of Col Jojan Thomas


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