AMIT BHARADWAJ ‘Annu’, the real son of mother India, was born on 4th March, 1972. At the birth of their only son, Lt. Amit Bharadwaj’s Mother, Shrimati Sushila Sharma, and Father Shri O.P. Sharma’s happiness knew no bounds. Grandmother, Mrs. Rampyari Sharma, and grandfather, Mr. Jaidev Prasad Sharma, seemed to burst with happiness at the glimpse of the bright face of their grandson. They rejoiced Lt. Amit Bharadwaj’s birth.

Lt. Amit Bharadwaj’s ambitions, right from childhood were unprecedented. He always dreamt of unusual excellence. He was not untouched with the Charismatic powers of the then leaders. He was an outgoing student of St. Xaviers School, Jaipur. Even at the age of 7, he had pulsating sympathy for poor people. He used to donate some part of his pocket money, at such an age, when children are quite reluctant to share their possessions. He always made his mark from the initial stages of life. He was a remarkable table tennis and football player. His politeness which was an added virtue that had won the hearts of his teachers and schoolmates. Not only when he was in School, even after passing out, he did a commendable job as a member of St. Xaviers Old Boys Association.

He took his bachelor’s degree from Rajasthan University. His aptitude was a blend of kindness and courage. He wanted to soar high in the sky like a bird. He was recruited in the year 1997 and duty bound, executed his first posting at Pithorgarh .He was in 4 Jat Regiment. From June 1998, he got his new posting at Kaksar area of Kargil. He executed his duty sincerely, and devotedly till the very end. He ventured to go and search Saurabh kalia on 17th May 1999, the new officer, for whom he had quoted to his sister,”Now I have a bachcha (kid) who will do all the work for me, and I will have someone who calls me Sir.” Being the senior Subaltern, Lt. Bharadwaj felt “Immensely Responsible” for the junior officer and taught him all the traditions and history of the Paltan. Little did he know, that he will lay down his life for that “Little Kid in the Paltan”. Amit who was always ready to take the lead, took the initiative .He led a search party of around 35 soldiers. On reaching the Bajrang post, he realized that the number of enemies were much more than they had anticipated. Taking a quick decision, he ordered his men to retrieve back and report to the base camp for help. He himself undertook the task of providing them cover-fire. He was fighting like a true, brave soldier. Lt. Bharadwaj saved nearly 30 of his men and killed more than 10 infiltrators, though he himself was hit by a number of bullets fighting till the last breath. But, this brave son could not save his own life, and his body lay, till it was retrieved on July 13, 1999 – 56 days later. He had fought till his last breath. His weapon was found in his hand when his body was recovered.

Lt. Bharadwaj’s parents in Jaipur did not lose hope till the end, and refused to believe that their son had attained martyrdom. “I believe he is still fighting the enemy out there.” were his Father’s words to the endless stream of the ‘well-wishers’ who came to offer their condolences. In all these days, the phone did not stop ringing and the family spent each day waiting for news from their son, till their worst fear was confirmed. Lt. Amit Bharadwaj’s parents were not ready to confirm their fears

He was always fascinated by the charm of martyrdom, as revealed by his words to his friend, while reading the name of Martyrs at India Gate, “One fine day, you will read my name here.”

Captain Amit Bharadwaj
Captain Amit Bharadwaj


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