Message to us from Dr. N. R. Kalia, father of Captain Saurabh Kalia,Vir Chakra ( Kargil war hero )

Message from a Humble Citizen of India

We all need to bow our head in reverence to the countless martyrs of this great Nation who made our lives safe and secure with their sacrifices.

I would like to share some observations & experiences of our attitudes towards our jawans. (God and soldier are remembered only in peril). You know a soldier of any rank is inducted, after an extremely harsh, arduous & grilling training, into armed forces, only when he takes an OATH that in the hour of need, he would offer his supreme sacrifice for Nation. Does any one of us take such oath while joining any profession? No, even the President and the Prime Minister of India do not.

Moreover, Indian soldier has to serve in places, high mountains to deserts, where the temperature varies from ─ 500C to + 500C, facing the enemy all the time. We can only fantasize, with shiver, such places.

In the past & present scenario, soldier is a tool in the hands of ruling parties being used in whatever way they like. Apart from guarding the borders, pressed into service anywhere in the country whenever the situation is out of control, may be law & order, natural disasters etc. Ironically, the soldier has also to translate the whims and fancies of the politicians in power with his blood. He gives the prime of his life to the Nation and is deserted hardly after 15-20 years. Think for a moment the toughness in his life, away from his family and dear ones, risking his life ever. But at what cost all this? This is only for a meager salary.

How many of us help the soldiers & martyrs? I am afraid, hardly anyone. The common public is generally self-centred and engrossed in their daily chores. The civil administration hardly find any time from their files to visit and enquire well-being of the martyrs’/soldiers’ families living behind. I wonder any SDM/Deputy commissioner would have thought to pay some visits or depute someone to such families residing in their administrative areas. The approach of the politicians is to get mileage out of their visits to soldiers or martyrs families. For them, it is just an avenue of their self-advertisement. But soldiers deserve and need much more of our love, care, respect and our deep sense of belongings.

Let all of us take a pledge to visit the soldiers’ families around for one hour every month just to let them feel, they are cared, loved & looked after in the absence or loss of their dear ones. Remember they do not need monetary help but a sense of belonging from the society. Your noble gesture in this direction would go a long way.

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