NEVER TO FORGET NEVER TO FORGIVE – Anasuya Mitra and Adrija Sen

In our life, we can forgive and forget many injustices. But the anger that we have against this injustice, we will take it with us in our grave. We will neither forget, nor forgive this. Whenever we see this, remember this, we never feel sad for the death of or killing of any Pakistani or any millitants in J&K. Just close your eyes and imagine yourself…

  • Imagine yourself as a mother or a fathe
  • Imagine yourself as a brother or a sister who is seeing the body of your own sibling in such a condition.

Now open your eyes and tell us how you feel now? When will we open our eyes and stop pretending to be blind? Can any reason be reason enough to avoid justice against such inhuman action? Can any interest be large enough? He went to fight for his country. That same country is standing deaf and dumb and blind today by not bringing justice to such a brutal action!!

Think twice, put your child or sibling in his place before you say “everything is fair in war and love” or “that is their job (to die brutally?). They get paid for dying in war”.

Even though a nation or a country is not answerable about her every actions, but at some point of time, she has to justify herself infront of the history and humanity. “Terrorism has no religion” – is a debatable statement. But a country where a soldier treats another soldier of another country with such brutality has to justify in future this action of hers to the history. May be we will not live to see this justice in our generation. But just the way even after 100 years, the British Prime Minister was bound to pay tribute to the martyrs on the ground of Jalianwalabagh, in the same way, Pakistan has to bow down their head in shame, to apologize infront of history and has to accept this brutal action that they have done to our soldiers.

Death certificate of Captain Saurabh Kalia
Death certificate of Captain Saurabh Kalia

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