APARAJITA – Daughter of Kargil War Hero Major Padmapani Acharya, Mahavir Chakra (P)

16 years is quite a long time! I was in class 12 then and she was in her mother’s womb! Her father, Major Padmapani Acharya, Mahavir Chakra (P), was then leading his battalion as the company commander of 2nd Rajputana Rifles, to capture the Tololing feature in Kargil War. At that time, we read in the newspapers that there is one officer in Kargil War, who is a Major and he regularly writes Gita shlokas in his letter to his pregnant wife. That’s how we first came to know about Major Padmapani Acharya. Then the next news we saw was that of his martyrdom in the war, fighting bravely and leading from the front!

14 years went by. Terrorist Afzal Guru was hanged on February 9, 2013 for the terrorist attack on the Indian Parliament. Lots of cry were made by the social activists, lots of sympathies were shown on the fact that “Afzal Guru wanted his son to be a doctor”. And then suddenly it struck us. Have we ever thought of or enquired about the child of our very own, brave Major Padmapani Acharya, Mahavir Chakra (P) who attained supreme sacrifice to maintain the democracy of our nation? The democracy that allowed all those social activists to think about terrorists like Afzal Guru and his son. The irony is that Major Acharya couldn’t even see his child born only. Thus our search began.

Then we came to know that Major Padmapani Acharya, Mahavir Chakra (P) had a daughter on September 1999. And her name was APARAJITA! By then, I was also having a daughter and luckily her name is also Aparajita, born on September 2012! My happiness and pride knew no bound! I felt that God has somewhere, somehow linked me with Shaheed Major Padmapani Acharya, Mahavir Chakra (P) through these two little Aparajita flowers! I never knew when Aparajita Acharya became a part of my life. Many times it happened that when I played with my daughter, I remembered Aparajita Acharya. And every time I thought about her, my head bowed down to her with respect and gratitude. Because, it is only for her sacrifice that my daughter lives today happily and healthily among us. My daughter can play with her father, get all his love, affection and protection, only because Aparajita Acharya along with her father, mother, grandparents and all the relatives paid the price for my protection.

I never had to ask for anything from God. He has given me whatever I deserve and need. I am ever thankful to Him for that. And today, He listened to one of my unasked, unspoken but a dream wish of mine! Few days back God has connected me to Charulatha Acharya, mother of Aparajita Acharya! Amazing powerful and dignified lady she is! She accepted me with so much of love! I suffer from lack of confidence when it comes to talking to someone over phone. She, wife of Major Padmapani Acharya, Mahavir Chakra (P), called me to make me feel comfortable. There are some people who are only meant for giving. I felt Charu didi is someone like that. That too, she gives with a divine smile! She told me not to hesitate to call her anytime and consider her as either my didi or bhaabi (sister-in-law). I just imagined – she being my bhaabi means brave Major Padmapani Acharya, Mahavir Chakra (P) is my brother!

Last 15 years, in all the photos that I have seen of Charu didi, there is a beautiful smile on her face. I have always wondered how someone can be so strong. After getting in touch with her, I must admit that she is the strongest lady I have come across. Little Aparajita has appeared for ICSE exams this year! She has grown up into a beautiful lady just like her mother. I have nothing else to ask for, in life. Now it is my time to give back. And it can only happen when my little Aparajita grows up into a beautiful and strong lady just like Charu didi. I am eagerly waiting for the day when the two Aparajitas of my life will meet each other. With that, my 15year old wait and the circle will be complete that day.

Major Padmapani Acharya, Mahavir Chakra (P)
Major Acharya with wife Mrs Charulatha Acharya in his wedding
Last letter that Major Acharya wrote to his father. He mentioned about his wife in the last paragraph
Wife Charulatha Acharya, daughter Aparajita and mother Bimala Acharya
Aparajitas – Big A and Small A

16 thoughts on “APARAJITA – Daughter of Kargil War Hero Major Padmapani Acharya, Mahavir Chakra (P)

  1. Glad to read this. I thought about Major today & found this article. I was in Hyderabad when he died in Kargil war. I have attended his funeral, like many thousands of people who never met him. Thanks for keeping his memories alive.

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      • I would to love to meet this family, especially Major’s mother and wife. But i live in Europe, so before I come to India, I will get in touch with you. Few words about Major mother, I have never see an mother, with such strengh, courage at a time of great loss. It still amazes were they get strength to face such a great loss. Nation forever indebted to this family for the sacrifice, they have to make so we can live safely.
        Once agian Thanks for keeping his memories alive.

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    • I am in regular touch with the family. If you want to talk to them from Eurpoe, I can share their phone no. A wonderful family, perfect family of a brave hero. Major attained martyrdom on 28th June 1999 and his daughter was born on 14th September 1999 named Aparajita. She is now in class 11. So nice receiving your message. Thank you.


      • Yes, I remember this news about about Major daughter. I read an article on ‘The Hindu’ newspaper. It is totally etched in my memory. You will never forget certain events in your life & Major martyrdom is one of them. I never met him, but I will never forget him. I just don’t know Major’s daughter name. Thanks to you, I know her name now. I will going be India in December & I will meet the Major family. If it’s OK, please can you share your email address. So i drop you an email in December for details.

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      • I have studied with Major in BBSR, request you to kindly share his family’s detail. Would like to meet them.



  2. Can I plzzz get the number of the family!!!I want to know more about the major who to me seems to have been a very brave and a philosophical man.He died destroying a bunker but lives on forever!!!!!His family stays in Hyderabad if I am not wrong

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  3. I remember the KARGIL war, I was in 6th standard in 1999, I participated in the rally which was held in our school (Naagarjuna Model High School), I feel very proud to be a part of the rally. We raised our voice high and shouted “MAJOR ACHARYA AMAR RAHE”, “MAJOR PADMAPANI ACHARYA AMAR RAHE”, “BHARAT MAATA KI JAI”, I remember the rally till now. I salute the real brave hero, he sacrificed his life to protect India.
    Fighting with the enemies day and night using dangerous weapons is not an easy task. Every soldier, one who fought for the country, knew that enemies also use dangerous weapons, without caring about their lives, they bravely fought and MAJOR PADMAPANI ACHARYA was one of them.

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  4. It really needs some will power and bravery to stay strong. I don’t know what would I do as a kid if I was Aparajita…I might be really scared and would have been thinking about the past.

    Hope she achieve greatness and success in her path.


  5. Very happy to read about their family again. I also keep thinking about him and his family, however you made a real efforts to reach out them.
    I keep drawing inspiration from his attitude towards life. Please convey my respects to his family and let them know that many people all around the globe praying for welfare of his family.
    I have been living in the UK for many years and I will be very happy if you share their contact details with me.
    Best regards

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  6. Madam– i have dropped you a mail. Would be grateful if you could respond to my mail. I am trying to get to Major Padmapani’s family


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