Shaheed Major Rushikesh Ramani, Sena Medal (P)

Gujarat is one of the most prosperous states in India. Mostly the people of Gujarat are businessmen and their business acumen is world wide accepted. Very few from Gujarat join defense forces and one major factor responsible for this is the lack of awareness among the youth in Gujarat regarding men in uniform. To overcome this family of martyr Major Rushikesh Vallabh Bhai Ramani has started a trust in memory of Major Rushikesh who attained martyrdom on 07 June 2009 in Kashmir fighting insurgents.

At about 01:15 AM, 07 June 2009 Major Ramani was able to establish contact with an infiltrating group of terrorists and a heavy exchange of fire started. The terrorists opened heavy fire in an abortive attempt to escape. During the exchange of fire, Major RV Ramani received a burst of 12 bullets in his chest and abdomen. Despite the serious bullet injuries sustained by him, and with total disregard to his personal safety or well being, Major RV Ramani single-handedly continued to fire at and engage the group of said terrorists. Till such time the reinforcements arrived, Major RV Ramani led his party from the front. In spite of bleeding profusely from 12 bullet wounds, he engaged and shot dead three terrorists.

During the whole incident, Major RV Ramani displayed exceptional courage, extreme daring, devotion beyond call of duty, leadership and bravery of the highest order in the face of the enemy. With this selfless and heroic act of conspicuous bravery, Major RV Ramani single-handedly foiled and successfully prevented the infiltration attempt by Pakistani terrorists into Indian territory.

Major Rushikesh Ramani Memorial Trust makes arrangements for seminars, camps, workshop, etc., to give information, guidance and inspiration to the young boys and girls of Gujarat to join different military services and to impart training to those who are having interest in such services. Trust also render assistance to financially weak students by way of financial assistance in the form of scholarships, providing books and fees for education purpose. Above all, Trust appreciate and award the members of the Indian Army, para-military and police forces, who have sacrificed their lives in the interest of nation.

Major Rushikesh Ramani, Sena Medal (P)
Major Rushikesh Ramani 23 Punjab
Major Ruishikesh Ramani’s uniform
Major Rushikesh Ramani Memorial Trust in Ahmedabad
Last Journey
Sh. Vallabhbhai Ramani father of Major Rushikesh Ramani
Smt. Geetaben Ramani and Shree Vallabhbhai Ramani Parents of Major Ruishikesh Ramani

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