The air warrior whom we lost 16years back in Operation Safed Sagar…..
#KargilWar #16YearsOfKargilWar #OperationVijay

The experience of Kargil war taught us many things. Ultimate bravoury, ultimate sacrifice, height of tenacity and obviously height of comradeship…. Young officers push back the soldiers having family and receive the bullet in their chest….. senior officers gave supreme sacrifice suffering ultimate torture while trying to save their juniors…. Sq Ld Ajay Ahuja ejected from his fighter jet to save his junior Fl Lt K Nachiketa…. he was captured by the opponent army and killed…when the body was handed over to us a post-mortem examination conducted at the Srinagar Base Hospital claimed that Ahuja had landed safely after ejecting from his plane, but had been killed later by Pakistani soldiers.

The post-mortem report of Squadron Leader Ajay Ahuja spoke of three grievous wounds:

1. There is a penetrating gunshot wound; entry near right ear, exit near the external orifice of left ear.
2. Gunshot wound: entry 2 cm medial to right nipple, exit near left iliac crest damaging internal viscera like liver, intestine and peritoneum.
3. Compound comminuted fracture left knee.
4. Suffered multiple punctured wounds over left and right thighs, rupture of right lung, injury to neck vessels, small intestine and left liver.

It was reported that the left knee fracture was sustained when he parachuted down, but the gunshots show that he landed alive and was shot. And his death was called as a cold blooded murder.

Desh remembers the air warrior on this day when he made supreme sacrifice following the tradition of comradeship in Indian armed forces….Jai Hind…..

Sqdrn Leader Ajay Ahuja


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