And they met after 17 long years. Subedar Yogendra Singh Yadav and Captain Naveen Nagappa were last together in Delhi hospital post Kargil war for treatment and recovery. Naturally the reunion was a very emotional one. That tight hug says everything and reflects the true spirit of and the bonding shared by the compatriots in Indian Army.

They were remembering their painful phase of recovering. Both agreed that after bearing tremendous pain, when the pain was unbearable, the situation was depressive, a thought came to the mind of both the heroes. … ” isse achchha to mar jana tha.

It is very easy for us who live a secured, peaceful and comfortable to talk about war and provoke the nation to go for a war. We will not go to the border and fight. Neither we will send our relatives to go and fight a war. But we will shout to our nation saying why we are still tolerating the nuisance of Pakistan amend instead not starting a war against them. Our brave heroes who took 16 bullets on him and 16 months to recover from the injury or our hero whose legs got shattered by a grenade and took 2 years to recover and walk again or the families whose doors opened to receive the coffins of their son , father or brother, knows what it takes to start a war. What cost one has to pay as a result of a war.

The nation is lucky to still have with us the brave hearts like Subedar Yogendra Singh Yadav and Captain Naveen Nagappa. We know the story of their ultimate bravery. But we hardly look at them deep to see the pain in their eyes for loosing their own compatriots. When Subedar Yogendra Singh Yadav says that he can clearly see where his friends got shot and where is friends breathed last, whenever he visits Kargil . Captain Naveen Nagappa Sir has not yet been able to gather courage to visit Kargil in last 17 years. According to him, he will not be able to see and face the names of the martyrs of 13 Jak Rif in the war memorial as once they had hold hands of each other and proceeded to achieve their mission.

Both the heroes believe that God has chosen them to live for a purpose. They have a mission to fulfill. They survived, lived to tell the veer gatha, the brave stories of their bravest of the brave compatriots who attained supreme sacrifice in the line of their duty.


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