Last evening, there was a story telling session….. I came to know about some of our warriors over phone from Vikas…….I thought to share those stories of supreme braveries with you all. While searching for details about one of them I found a community in Orkut and achieved little in the mission to get some details about him – Capt R Subramanian, 1PARA, SF. 
Capt Subbu was born on 12th Aug 1976 to Mr. and Mrs. S. Ramachandran – a family from Kerala, settled in Mumbai. The young boy scored 94% and 96% in the Xth and XIIth standard examination and got selected in the National Defense Academy (NDA), Pune for the 90th course at NDA (July 1993). He passed out from NDA in 1996 and completed the training at IMA, Dehra Dun in 1997. The daring young man was then attached with the 1 Para, SF since 1997.

During the Kargil war, the young Lt was busy at Drass Sector, Mushkoh valley till end of August 1999 and led several tough operations there. He was promoted as Captain in March 2000.

When he went back to his troop after a leave in June 2000, he found his men preparing for an assault against the militants in the Haphruda forest of Kupwara. Capt Subbu volunteered the operation. During the operation they managed to kill 5 militants among the eight and took a break at the night.

In the next morning they went to the site of operation and while removing the bodies of the militants, suddenly one the them fired from the closest range on Capt Subbu. Instantaneously, he also fired on the militant and both of them killed each other. The point blank range firing made impossible to identify the face of the brave heart and Indian Army covered the face with a thick layer of sandalwood before the hero reached his home wrapped in tricolor.

On 19th of June, 2000 the nation lost one of her most talented, efficient and intelligent officers in the forest of Kupwara and he was awarded with Kirti Chakra on the republic day of 2001. The warrior could probably be descried the best in his own words,

“You have never lived until You have almost died, And for those who choose to fight, Life has a special flavor, The protected will never know!!!”
Jai Hind……



Kargil hero Captain PV VIKRAM was born to Lt Col PKPV Panicker and Kalyani Panicker at MANARI HOUSE, PANNIYANKARA, Kallai P.O.KOZHIKODE on 24th OCT 1973. He joined 1st Std in KV No.1, Kozhikode in 1979.He was shifted to KV Talbahat in UP due to his father’s transfer to that station from field area. He continued his studies in KV No.1 Sri Nagar[J&K] in 7th&8th and 9 &10 in KV Aurangabad Maharastra. He again joined KV No.1 Kozhikode in the 11th Std. He was shifted to KV Faridkot Punjab from where completed 12th Std. He joined NSS College, Ottapalam, Kerala and graduated in B Sc Computer Science in the year 1994.He was an active member of NCC and passed `C’ Certificate of NCC. He appeared for CDSE and qualified to Join in Indian Military Academy, DEHRADUN .

He passed out as a Commissioned Officer on 8th Jun 1996, in the rank of 2nd Lieutenant in the Regiment of ARTILLERY in 141 Field Regiment. He served in Seachian Glacier and then in KARGIL[J&K].He took part in the Indo Pak Military operations in OP-VIJAY in KARGIL.He rendered supreme sacrifice on 2nd Jun 1999 in KARGIL while he was leading in an assault operation with Infantry against Pakistani piquet.

Captain PV Vikram


Don’t know how to start! I am carrying so much of excitement within me and I am lacking words and order to put it down in pen and paper. But I have to share it with all of you. Otherwise I will spend some more sleepless night like yesterday.

As usual, “in the year 1999” I was in class 11 and the Kargil War was fought. The war that changed my life, the war that opened my eyes, my mind and my heart. The war that let me know what I love, what is my passion and what I wanted to be. Throughout those 2 months I followed the news channels and newspapers thoroughly and read about all the soldiers and martyrs, their braveries, their contributions, their families, everything. They became a prominent part of my life and they continue to be so. Through their stories, I fall in love with my country, my men in uniform and the concept of serving nation afresh. From then, they have always been my heroes.

And yesterday, I saw, I met, I spoke to such a real hero of my life who not only fought in Kargil War but led a team of 120 brave men who gave us a historical victory! Yesterday I met Captain Naveen Nagappa, Sena Medal at his house in Bangalore. Before I narrate my experience in those two precious hours, let me formally introduce him to all of you. Then only you can understand my degree of excitement.

Hardly 6 Months would have passed after his commissioning in 13th Jammu & Kashmir Riffles(Jak Rif) of Indian Army – the brave Unit which consisted of brave heroes like Late Capt Vikram batra͵ Riffleman Sanjay Kumar & many more. He was trying his best to understand the new environment & giving his best in his new work. But in the meanwhile the 1999 Kargil war took place.

During the war Lt Naveen was given a task to Capture the Indian bunkers on Mushkow valley side. He was leading a team of 120 men. He recalls that before taking these men for the battle operation he said four things to his men to convince them.




*The last thing which he told was inspirational and was ‘APNA TIRANGA LE JAYENGE͵FEHRAKAR AAYENGE CHAHE KUCH BHI HO JAYE.

He managed to get one bunker & the other bunker was leading to the stealth of “point 4875“where Capt Batra lost his life. In the meanwhile enemy hurled a grenade on LT Naveen‘s side & in order to save his Jawans he took the grenade immediately & hurled it towards enemy. But unfortunately it burst nearby his position. Due to this grenade blast Lt Naveen‘s leg was injured severely. Then Shaheed Capt Vikram Batra͵ evacuated Lt Naveen & took the charge where Lt Naveen left. Then Capt Vikram Batra fought with extreme courage & valour to get that bunker which lead to point 4875. In this action Capt Vikram Batra sacrificed his life for the nation‘s glory.

Lt. Naveen was later promoted to Captain and for his extreme courage͵ spirit & valour he was awarded with Sena Medal by President of India. Due to his injury he was commissioned out of Army.

So, I met a man of such bravery, calibre and historical importance, ofcourse! He is such a down to earth person, very approachable and friendly! You can call him any number of times and ask him any number of questions!

I heard from him what happened to him in the war! On 7th July 1999 early morning, when the enemy hurled a grenade on him and he immediately threw it back, somehow it bounced back and burst near him only. It was sheer luck that he was alive but his legs were injured very badly. Immediately he lied down to save his upper half, took a sedative to manage the pain and tied bandage on his leg which was dangling at the bottom. Then he crawled back few meters because no one can carry him back as that area was completely exposed to enemy firing. Then his fellow men carried him down on back amidst heavy firing. In between they halted behind big stones to protect themselves from the firing. Some rocks were loose and many a times he was dropped. Once he reached the field hospital after 24 hours of his injury, he was given basic medication and then he was shifted to Srinagar by Army Ambulance from there he was airlifted to Delhi. The road to Srinagar was very rough and the ambulance never stopped on the way. If it stopped, the enemy would have located the coordinates and shot the ambulance. Captain Naveen had to bear sever pain throughout the journey because of the rough road. In Delhi, he was under treatment for 1 and a half years and underwent 8 major surgeries. After Delhi he spend few months in Pune ALC (Artificial Limb Centre). Doctors told him he will never be able to walk again in his life but today I saw him walking down the gate to greet us. It was all possible because of his strong will and sheer courage!

I consider myself and my family to be lucky enough to meet someone as brave as Captain Naveen Nagappa in our lifetime! It’s a rare opportunity that almighty showered on us! Thank you Sir for protecting us and giving us a safe and comfortable life. Jai Hind!

My daughter with Captain Naveen Nagappa, Sena Medal, his wife Sowmya and his daughter Savera
Myself with Captain Naveen Nagappa, Sena Medal, his wife Sowmya and daughter Savera
Myself with Captain Naveen Nagappa, Sena Medal, his wife Sowmya and daughter Savera
During Kargil War

Shaheed Major Rushikesh Ramani, Sena Medal (P)

Gujarat is one of the most prosperous states in India. Mostly the people of Gujarat are businessmen and their business acumen is world wide accepted. Very few from Gujarat join defense forces and one major factor responsible for this is the lack of awareness among the youth in Gujarat regarding men in uniform. To overcome this family of martyr Major Rushikesh Vallabh Bhai Ramani has started a trust in memory of Major Rushikesh who attained martyrdom on 07 June 2009 in Kashmir fighting insurgents.

At about 01:15 AM, 07 June 2009 Major Ramani was able to establish contact with an infiltrating group of terrorists and a heavy exchange of fire started. The terrorists opened heavy fire in an abortive attempt to escape. During the exchange of fire, Major RV Ramani received a burst of 12 bullets in his chest and abdomen. Despite the serious bullet injuries sustained by him, and with total disregard to his personal safety or well being, Major RV Ramani single-handedly continued to fire at and engage the group of said terrorists. Till such time the reinforcements arrived, Major RV Ramani led his party from the front. In spite of bleeding profusely from 12 bullet wounds, he engaged and shot dead three terrorists.

During the whole incident, Major RV Ramani displayed exceptional courage, extreme daring, devotion beyond call of duty, leadership and bravery of the highest order in the face of the enemy. With this selfless and heroic act of conspicuous bravery, Major RV Ramani single-handedly foiled and successfully prevented the infiltration attempt by Pakistani terrorists into Indian territory.

Major Rushikesh Ramani Memorial Trust makes arrangements for seminars, camps, workshop, etc., to give information, guidance and inspiration to the young boys and girls of Gujarat to join different military services and to impart training to those who are having interest in such services. Trust also render assistance to financially weak students by way of financial assistance in the form of scholarships, providing books and fees for education purpose. Above all, Trust appreciate and award the members of the Indian Army, para-military and police forces, who have sacrificed their lives in the interest of nation.

Major Rushikesh Ramani, Sena Medal (P)
Major Rushikesh Ramani 23 Punjab
Major Ruishikesh Ramani’s uniform
Major Rushikesh Ramani Memorial Trust in Ahmedabad
Last Journey
Sh. Vallabhbhai Ramani father of Major Rushikesh Ramani
Smt. Geetaben Ramani and Shree Vallabhbhai Ramani Parents of Major Ruishikesh Ramani

APARAJITA – Daughter of Kargil War Hero Major Padmapani Acharya, Mahavir Chakra (P)

16 years is quite a long time! I was in class 12 then and she was in her mother’s womb! Her father, Major Padmapani Acharya, Mahavir Chakra (P), was then leading his battalion as the company commander of 2nd Rajputana Rifles, to capture the Tololing feature in Kargil War. At that time, we read in the newspapers that there is one officer in Kargil War, who is a Major and he regularly writes Gita shlokas in his letter to his pregnant wife. That’s how we first came to know about Major Padmapani Acharya. Then the next news we saw was that of his martyrdom in the war, fighting bravely and leading from the front!

14 years went by. Terrorist Afzal Guru was hanged on February 9, 2013 for the terrorist attack on the Indian Parliament. Lots of cry were made by the social activists, lots of sympathies were shown on the fact that “Afzal Guru wanted his son to be a doctor”. And then suddenly it struck us. Have we ever thought of or enquired about the child of our very own, brave Major Padmapani Acharya, Mahavir Chakra (P) who attained supreme sacrifice to maintain the democracy of our nation? The democracy that allowed all those social activists to think about terrorists like Afzal Guru and his son. The irony is that Major Acharya couldn’t even see his child born only. Thus our search began.

Then we came to know that Major Padmapani Acharya, Mahavir Chakra (P) had a daughter on September 1999. And her name was APARAJITA! By then, I was also having a daughter and luckily her name is also Aparajita, born on September 2012! My happiness and pride knew no bound! I felt that God has somewhere, somehow linked me with Shaheed Major Padmapani Acharya, Mahavir Chakra (P) through these two little Aparajita flowers! I never knew when Aparajita Acharya became a part of my life. Many times it happened that when I played with my daughter, I remembered Aparajita Acharya. And every time I thought about her, my head bowed down to her with respect and gratitude. Because, it is only for her sacrifice that my daughter lives today happily and healthily among us. My daughter can play with her father, get all his love, affection and protection, only because Aparajita Acharya along with her father, mother, grandparents and all the relatives paid the price for my protection.

I never had to ask for anything from God. He has given me whatever I deserve and need. I am ever thankful to Him for that. And today, He listened to one of my unasked, unspoken but a dream wish of mine! Few days back God has connected me to Charulatha Acharya, mother of Aparajita Acharya! Amazing powerful and dignified lady she is! She accepted me with so much of love! I suffer from lack of confidence when it comes to talking to someone over phone. She, wife of Major Padmapani Acharya, Mahavir Chakra (P), called me to make me feel comfortable. There are some people who are only meant for giving. I felt Charu didi is someone like that. That too, she gives with a divine smile! She told me not to hesitate to call her anytime and consider her as either my didi or bhaabi (sister-in-law). I just imagined – she being my bhaabi means brave Major Padmapani Acharya, Mahavir Chakra (P) is my brother!

Last 15 years, in all the photos that I have seen of Charu didi, there is a beautiful smile on her face. I have always wondered how someone can be so strong. After getting in touch with her, I must admit that she is the strongest lady I have come across. Little Aparajita has appeared for ICSE exams this year! She has grown up into a beautiful lady just like her mother. I have nothing else to ask for, in life. Now it is my time to give back. And it can only happen when my little Aparajita grows up into a beautiful and strong lady just like Charu didi. I am eagerly waiting for the day when the two Aparajitas of my life will meet each other. With that, my 15year old wait and the circle will be complete that day.

Major Padmapani Acharya, Mahavir Chakra (P)
Major Acharya with wife Mrs Charulatha Acharya in his wedding
Last letter that Major Acharya wrote to his father. He mentioned about his wife in the last paragraph
Wife Charulatha Acharya, daughter Aparajita and mother Bimala Acharya
Aparajitas – Big A and Small A

Journey through the memories of Kargil War

We came across a wonderful series “Meri Jaan Hindustaan” by Focus News Channel.

In this post, we have accumulated all the links of all the episodes of this amazing series for those, who have not seen it yet and for those, who want to see it again and again.

We also declare that the entire credit goes to Focus News channel and we don’t own them. We are just sharing these videos.


1. Episode 1 on an incident –

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PAIN OR PRIDE! – Adrija Sen

(Dedicated to all the families who received the gallantry award on behalf of their brave son/husband/father)

Again that time of the year has come. That time to decorate our brave sons of this land of warriors with gallantry awards. Few will only be lucky enough to receive it by themselves. Most of them will cherish the moment from up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky. On behalf of them, their family will receive the award.
0n 26th January, a mother or a father or a wife or a daughter or a son will receive the gallantry award that their son or husband or father got for fighting bravely to protect the motherland. Most of our brave men who get commissioned in Indian Army, join with a dream. The dream is not to receive the gallantry award but to serve and protect their motherland even with the last drop of their blood. Those who attain martyrdom, leave behind them a baby or an unborn child or a pregnant wife or old parents, loving brother or sister. These families of the martyrs live rest of their lives with a vacuum that can never be filled, a pain that can never be soothed. But if you ever meet them, you will always see an amazing composure they carry with a beautiful dignity!
You will see them receiving the gallantry award from President on 26th January Republic day parade and will surely mistake their pain with pride. For us, who will watch them through television or from the parade ground will think “oh, such a moment of pride!” But trust me, while receiving the award, a parent or a wife or a child will be only thinking “I wish, instead my son/husband/father was here”. The day of their passing out parade was a moment of pride but not this.
But what gives them the strength to climb those stairs, stand straight and receive the gallantry award from the President of India? Not us, though it should have been us, for whom they lost their beloved. The actual receiver of the award, their brave son/husband/father gives them that strength to hold them strong! If you look closely, you will find them holding the hand of their parents firmly while they climb the stairs, you will find them clutching the shoulder of their wives with their rock steady hand when she takes the medal.
Let us take the baton of love, care and responsibility from their hand. Let us protect, care for and love the families whom they have left behind, for the sake of our happiness and comfort. Isn’t it the least we can do as a proud citizen of this great country?

Ashoka Chakra Award
Wife of Col Vasantha Venugopal
Wife of Naik Neeraj Kumar Singh
Major Mukund_1
Wife of Major Mukund Varadarajan
Father of Captain Manoj Kumar Pandey
Grand mother of Captain Vijayant Thapar
Col Jojan Thomas
Wife of Col Jojan Thomas